Absolutely Brilliant and Highly Knowledgeable Attorney

We took Mr. Steven’s help for a case and he has been immensely helpful throughout the process. His attitude has been always very positive. We have called and emailed him a multiple times but every time he has responded very promptly. We are so thankful that he got the case to be dismissed. We were really blessed to have him represent my case. If we ever need any legal help in future he will be the first person we will seek the help from. Me and my husband can’t thank him enough!

— AM

Impressive young lawyer

I have retained Jason on three occasions and in each instance he has executed his job flawlessly He is a relentless defense attorney that will fight for you until all options have been exhausted.. What I like most about Jason’s work is his ability to make sure you understand the process without sounding as if he is talking down to you. I was so impressed with his work that I had my Wife, sister in law and a close friend retain him as well.
If you’re ever in a legal dogfight I suggest you retain Jason Stevens.

— Jeff

I can’t thank Mr. Stevens enough!

I hired Jason Stevens to take care of an absurd battery charge against me. I was very uneasy about the whole process but his professionalism and knowledge quickly put my mind at ease. If he had not gotten the case thrown out, it could have dramatically changed my life for the worse. Thank you Mr. Stevens!

— Richard

Trustworthy lawyer that knows how to help a client

Jason worked a DUI case for me. The proper steps were not taken by the State Police to charge me with a DUI. Jason presented my case thoroughly and the charges were all dropped. Jason works hard and knows how to represent a client. I’m grateful for the effort he put forth to win the case.

— Ryan

Great attorney

Jason was the ultimate professional in handling my case. He walked me through every step of the way, and prepared me for any obstacle I may have encountered. He worked with me on the financial end and kept me informed throughout the entire process. If I ever were to get in a jam, Jason is who I’d want fighting for me.

— Austin

Wonderful attorney

Jason Stevens is a very professional and knowledgeable attorney. Our family was truly blessed to find him to represent our son! When a crisis arises where an attorney is needed a person sometimes does not have clear thinking! We were in panic mode! What I liked about Jason Stevens is that he brought a sense of calmness to our situation. After meeting with him, we felt very confident that he could help our son. He always responded to our calls and didn’t make us feel like we were bothering him with something unimportant. Looking back I believe I called him with some probably not so important questions, but he never made me feel that it wasn’t important. He cared about the outcome of this case and I believe he did the very best job he could to win this case! This was a very dark and depressing time in our lives and I can honestly say Jason Stevens alleviated a lot of that depression! If we EVER needed legal representation again I would not hesitate to seek his wise counsel The outcome of my sons case couldn’t have turned out any better! As stated earlier we were blessed to find him!

— Susan
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